Do you NEED a Glidecam HD2000? Here's a good Alternative

New filmmakers get caught up in the idea that they need the newest equipment to create the best content. I believe some things are a must, but other things are just to be flashy.

In this video I go over why you would want the glidecam HD2000 and why you should probably go with a different stabilizer if you're just starting out. Look at the options and possibly save 3/4 hundred bucks? 

The choice is yours! Check out the video below.

DSAW - 22

I sat around for almost a year debating if I should get up and shoot a music video. I knew I could do it.. but I needed to prove it to myself. I found DSAW on soundcloud and reached out. I released this video 24 hours after shooting it and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.